Loot For Everyone

"Loot For Everyone" is Loot but for everyone. Check your wallet here and you'll see you already got some loot token! Every ethereum address has now some Loot!

Note that this uses the exact same items and tokenURI as the original Loot via Synthetic Loot

Since every ethereum wallet have some loot you can also pick up Loot by searching for it. Have a look here. By the way this is still fully compatible with ERC721 spec.

This also means that everybody on earth have now some loot and projects planning to integrate with loot can now reach everyone.

Some of you might wonder, what about the original Loot owner ?

Fear not, nobody is forgotten and original Loot owners can always transmute their original Loot into "Loot For Everyone" to get an equivalent token (same tokenId, same items, same tokenURI)

Note that this project has not been audited and we do not take any responsability of lost loot.

The source code can be found here and the contract address is 0x51E3bCbE694964EDD2dB80DF545bDAd5FbdF9B7b

This project was created by Ronan Sandford (a.k.a wighawag wighawag)